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Its About Children Foundation provides scholarships to poor children's families to allow these children to continue their education. In Ecuador, free government education only extends through the sixth grade. In grades 7 through 12 the expenses for uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation are the responsibility of the student. With most needy families this presents them with the decision of education or food and lodging. For this reason, most poor children are unable to continue their education after the sixth grade. Over time we hope to change this, therefore we need your help.

Candidates for scholarships and their families are interviewed at their home prior to being admitted into the program. To insure they are in financial need and to gain the family's commitment necessary to support the children in completing their high school education. Both children and their parents are required to sign a contract that promises that the child will regularly attend school and will maintain an 8 or above on a 10 point grading scale. If they fall below 8, they have one semester to bring their grade point back up. We also work with the family and student to find out the reason their grades have fallen. Do they need glasses, or hearing aids? Do they need tutoring assistance? We attempt to help provide for this. We currently provide $200.00 per student per school year to the student's family. This covers approximately 2/3 of their expenses, and leaves the family responsible for 1/3 of the yearly expenses.
There is so much need. While we currently help as many as 50 children at any point in time, we have another 100 to 150 qualified candidates waiting to be admitted to the program. The program relies totally on independent contributions to support current students and to expand the scholarship to more needy children. We need your help!! Whether you are able to contribute $10 or $100 or more. ALL contributions are needed and greatly appreciated. You can contribute through Wichana or at

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