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Kichwa Cultural Center MUYUMI KANKI

"You Are the Seed." Muyumi Kanki. 


Muyumi Kanki Kichwa Cultural Center is an indigenous-led organization in Cotacachi focused on the revitalization of  Kichwa culture and language through courses and workshops held with youth in their rural communities. They also host a weekly radio program on Cotacachi public radio called Kaypimi Kanchik. All Muyumi Kanki programs are mostly conducted in runashimi (Kichwa) to fortify the language that is the key to the culture.​​​

You can listen to their program Kaypimi Kanchik online weekend mornings from 7:00 to 9:00 on Radio Publica Cotacachi 93.5 FM.


Muyumi Kanki also provides Kichwa language classes, cultural programs and tours, and other initiatives.


You can designate that your contribution go to support the Muyumi Kanki Kichwa Cultural Center.

The donate button will take you to our Paypal donation site. If you prefer, you can donate by check or by cash in the US or Ecuador. In the US, mail your check made out to Wichana Foundation at 17 N Cottenet St. Irvington NY 10533. Please note if you have a preferred project for your donation. For information on how to make cash donations or donations in Ecuador, please email

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