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These child-sized zamarros were designed by an indigenous friend who is a local Cotacachi artisan. For decades, his family has processed and dyed the leather naturally without using chemicals. These are top-quality artisanal products and the only handsewn zamarros made in Cotacachi. As durable as they are beautiful, they will last for generations. 


Information in Kichwa and English about the tradition of zamarros and the ancient celebration of Inti Raymi are included with each purchase to promote respect and understanding of the indigenous culture of Imbabura.


Ten percent of each purchase will be donated to the Wichana Foundation to support local community service projects. Prices range from $50 - $90 depending on size.  Contact us at for detailed price list. Currently available for pick-up or delivery in Cotacachi and Otavalo.

Child-sized Zamorros (Chaps)



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