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Medical Relief for the Siona People of Cuyabeno


The Siona people are an indigenous community living in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Putumayo  Department of Colombia.  Today, there may be fewer than 500 Siona people on the planet!

Most Ecuadorian Siona live on the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Sucumbios. In addition to traditional subsistence farming, many were employed in Cuyabeno tourism since the 1990s. The religion of the Siona people is animistic with many spirits living inside of trees, bugs, plants, etc.

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is working in the park lodges. Too many of the remaining Siona people are sick and without medicine or emergency food. Community leaders are particularly anxious about obtaining badly-needed medicines for their elders as soon as possible.

Wichana Foundation is looking for donations to provide these necessities to 55 Siona families in great need. Can you please open your heart one more time to help a precious endangered culture and people survive? Donations received through the foundation are tax deductible in the US. 

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