The pandemic shut down Cotacachi during the Andean celebration of the spring equinox, Pawkar Raymi. At that time, we took this photo of Mama Yachak (Shaman) Juana Morales burning ancestral cleansing plants, herbs and branches from her garden so that their smoke would ward off a new threat to the health of her family and indigenous community, Morales Chupa.  

On October 11, Yanneck Pack and the Wichana Foundation organized a Pandemic Response Fair at Jambi Mascari in Cotacachi. Eleven local organizations accepted our invitation to provide information and speakers to share with community members details about their work providing emergency goods and services to the most vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19.  All of the participating organizations have solid track records and financial accounting systems. 


Volunteer Alli Tolbert collected data from each of the participating organizations and developed this report on their observations about how the pandemic is affecting people today in Cotacachi.  The document includes an analysis of the most urgent problems as well as detailed information about each of the organizations.


You can make a single donation to all these donations via Wichana. We will evenly split your donations among all the organizations who participated in this event, groups who continue to provide Cotacachi's neediest with emergency food, medical care and other services during the pandemic.  Click on the button below to donate to the Pandemic Response Fair option on the Wichana Foundatoin PayPal page.