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The Chicken Project began as an emergency COVID pandemic response project in 2020 to provide vulnerable indigenous families and elders with everything they need to begin earning income from the sale of eggs and mature chickens within just six months: young chicks, chicken feed, vitamins and wire fencing to keep out dogs. 


Two foundation partner projects, the Muyumi Kanki Kichwa Cultural Center and the Mojandita Curubi Health Center administer the foundation's Chicken Project in their local areas of Cotacachi and Otavalo.

A number of this year's project sites are managed by women’s collectives who work the farms together and hold regular meetings inside their communities, providing new empowerment opportunities for rural women leaders.

Please contribute whatever you can to help this project. Even a small donation of $10 can buy several baby chicks for a new farm.  

Thank you! Yupaychanchik.

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