This pandemic response project provides the most vulnerable local indigenous families and elders with everything they need to begin earning income from the sale of eggs and mature chickens within just six months: young chicks, chicken feed, vitamins and wire fencing to keep out dogs. The recipients are selected in cooperation with each community's leaders.

Your donation to the Wichana Foundation supports the "Reactivation of the Family Economy Project" of the Muyumi Kanki Kichwa Cultural Center (Cotacachi) and the Mojandita Curubi Health Center (Otavalo), two of our partner organizations with track records in pandemic emergency food distribution here  in the Andes of Ecuador.  

Both indigenous-led organizations depend on support from individual donors.


Please donate to them through our Go Fund Me campaign. As of June 2021, you helped our Chicken Project reach $7,400 of our $10,000 goal!




Please contribute whatever you can to help hungry neighbors without adequate income of food. Even a small donation of $10 can buy several baby chicks for a new farm.  

Thank you! Yupaychanchik.

Or click here to donate to Chicken Project directly through the foundation.