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Indigenous Elders Cultural Preservation Project:
Imbabura Taytamamakuna Kawsay

Mama Susanne Amaguana of Agato, Otavalo



The Wichana Foundation cordially invites the public to attend the Otavalo exhibit opening of Imbabura Taytamamakuna Kawsay on Monday, April 4th beginning at 14:30.  


Photojournalist Rafael Perez Anrango of Tunibamba, Cotacachi captured fifteen inspiring personal life stories and character portraits of indigenous elders who live in the rural communities of the Imbabura province of Ecuador. The captivating  voices and images of these taytamamakune will be displayed in the  Kinti Wasi art gallery  in Otavalo between April 4  and April 29.

The exhibit’s intent is to reveal and preserve for future generations the inspiring lived histories of local  indigenous people as recalled by their elders. Imbabura Taytamamakuna Kawsay communications are in three languages: Kichwa, English and Castellano. Wichana Foundation hopes that a trilingual presentation so that the knowledge and wisdom of the elders can be transmitted to more populations.

The event includes an Andean opening ceremony honoring the taytamamakuna led by yachak Willka Guillermo Santillan, live harp music played by tayta Emilio Guadinango inside the photo exhibit gallery,  dance performed by Killa Sisa and demonstrations of medicinal plants by tayta yachak Rafael Salazar, backstrap loom weaving by Jose Manuel Fuerez and pottery technique by mama Carmen Anrango.

The Monday, April 4 opening event begins at 14:30 and closes at 18:00. The event is free and open to the public.

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